The Inevitability of Technology

Technological enhancements on the human body is something that seems like a part of a far-off future. Pop culture has done a good job at this, ranging from titles such as RoboCop or Terminator, many of us have this notion that cyborgs and cybernetic enhancements are a concern of the future. In reality, this is a world much closer to us than we might realize.

Despite what concerns we might have about these enhancements, whether they be ethical, religious, spiritual, philosophical, the aggressive expansion of technology is coming faster than we can expect. My constant and favorite analogy is that of the mobile phone. Over the course of two decades we have gone from bricks to super computers that fit in our pocket. If today we are making very minuscule technological steps in bodily enhancements (see the link below), then imagine where we will be a few decades from now.

Technology IS expanding, whether we agree with it or not. Human enhancement through technology is inevitable, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. If governments implement laws to curb it, like the prohibition people will find every single way around it. If that is the case, it will get out of hand, and could potentially be detrimental for the modern world. The only way to be truly prepared for the inevitability of aggressively expanding technology is to accept that it is coming.

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